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Veterinary HPM Clinical Diet - Gastro for Dogs (Previously: VetComplex Digestive)

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    Veterinary HPM Clinical Diet - Gastro Digestive Support

    An easily digestible food with the right combination of ingredients is important for dogs with gastrointestinal disorders and/or liver problems. The composition of the Gastro Clinical Diet from Virbac protects the stomach and intestinal tract. The bacterial flora of the large intestine is also supported to help maintain optimum health, reducing the risk of a disruption of the bacterial composition. This nutritional diet can be provided for life, or during a time of ill health.

    Use for:

    • Maldigestion malabsorption syndrome (where the absorption of nutrients and digestion are disturbed in the gastrointestinal tract)
    • Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine
    • Large dogs with an increased risk of gastric dilatation / gastric torsion
    • Impaired functioning of the pancreas
    • Hepatic
    • Acute colitis (inflammation of the colon)
    • Megacolon (enlarged, elongated colon)
    • Recovery after surgery in which there is no weight loss or tube feeding

    Not suitable for

    • Cases of digestive disturbances during the first phase of growth.
    • When used after the first phase of growth, this diet has no negative side effects and can be given throughout the dog's adult life.

    Key features

    The composition of this Virbac food ensures that it is very easy to digest despite the intestines not functioning at their optimum level. The content of proteins prevents overloading of the liver. The starch (treated with water) is easier to handle for the body and produces a slower response than unprocessed starch. The soluble fibre promotes a healthy bacterial composition and keeps the lining of the large intestine healthy. Veterinary HPM Clinical Diet - Gastro Digestive Support chunks are coated with fat, making them very palatable. The nutritional supply also contains a high energy content which makes it possible to give small portions to the dog, therefore relieving the burden on the intestines, easing digestion. A high content of the essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and 6, which are present at an optimum ratio, help reduce inflammation. The added Vitamin E and Selenium (a complex antioxidant) protects the cells against ageing.


    Pork and poultry dehydrated protein*, rice*, animal fat, lignocellulose, pork and poultry hydrolysed protein, potato starch, mineral salts, beet pulp, fish oil*, psyllium fibre, fructo-oligosaccharides, yeast nucleotides, yeast beta glucan, butyrate salts, pasteurised Lacobacillus acidophilus.

    *highly digestible ingredients

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Veterinary HPM Clinical Diet - Gastro for Dogs (Previously: VetComplex Digestive) reviews
  • Good company
    By J martin, Sunday 4 February 2024

    It came quickly and well packed.

  • Excellent
    By V. Bone, Thursday 18 January 2024

    This product is the only kibble i have found to suit my golden retriever who has stomach ulcers, it settles his stomach and has no more sickness or runs.

  • Virbac Gastro food
    By Judith L, Saturday 13 January 2024

    Medpets are consistently good at ensuring your dog food arrives within a few days of ordering. Our dog has colitis and this dog food has transformed her life.

  • Gastro G
    By Mrs Andrew, Saturday 13 January 2024

    My dog loves this food and it’s good for his tummy

  • Virbac gastro dog
    By Lorna Garner, Monday 1 January 2024

    This suits my dog perfectly. He no longer needs supplements or added fibre, nor do his anal glands need to be expressed. Highly recommended.