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Virbac Dog Food

Virbac Veterinary HPM is the new range of wellness dog food has been designed to meet your canine’s nutritional needs as much as possible. Virbac dog food offers a wide range of health benefits that helps maintain peak condition and supports their overall health.

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Innovative Formula Virbac

  • This new wellness food is based on low carbohydrates and high proteins. The decrease in starch and carbohydrates and increase in animal fats is brought back to meet the carnivore’s natural nutritional needs.
  • This assortment is very low in allergens as it does not include any corn, wheat, gluten, soy, egg or beef, which makes it suitable for hypersensitive and allergic dogs.
  • Veterinary HPM has a high level of animal proteins, which means that it provides a nutritional balance that your pet needs. It is a good choice of food to use as a diet and it is high in flavour.
  • All of the Veterinary HPM products have different profiles based on your dog or cat’s specific conditions, areas of sensitivity, age or activity level.

Virbac HPM Veterinary Dog Food

Vetsend has included the entire Virbac HPM Veterinary range in its range. This range differs from Veterinary HPM Dietetic Dog – Gastro Digestive Support to Veterinary HPM – Baby Small & Toy Dog. Veterinary HPM Dietetic Dog – Gastro Digestive Support is a complete food for adult dogs to remedy digestive disorders and reduces the risk of acute intestinal absorption disorders. It also supports chronic liver insufficiency. Veterinary HPM – Baby Small & Toy Dog is a complete food suitable for dogs of small breeds up to the age of 10 months. This dry food is specifically tailored to the nutritional needs of dogs of small breeds up to the age of 10 months. HPM Veterinary contains all kinds of dry foods that can help with a medical condition or give additional support to a specific phase of life.

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