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Almo Nature Cat Litter

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    Almo Nature Cat Litter

    The litter tray filling from Almo Nature is a cat litter based on natural ingredients with vegetable fibres. These fibres contain enzymes and starch that ensure that clumps are quickly products and that bad odours are neutralised. This reduces mess and keeps the litter tray clean. The clumps ensure that only the top layer needs to be removed when cleaning the tray. This also removes the risks of a clogged cat toilet, as the clumps dissolve when they come into contact with water. Aside from the above benefits, there are also economic advantages to this litter. Creating a base layer of litter (2cm) only takes half of contents of the bag of Almo Nature. As soon as the base layer is made, the weekly use is estimated at approximately 500 grams.


    • All natural-based ingredients
    • Clumps dissolve after contact with water
    • Little litter tray filling needed for base layer
    • Low consumption


    2.27kg or 4.54kg

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Almo Nature Cat Litter reviews
  • Great
    By Nomeda, Wednesday 25 October 2023

    It's the best litter for the litter robot.

  • Brilliant cat litter
    By Jennifer Turnbull, Wednesday 4 October 2023

    Good clumping. Easy to clean. Cats love it

  • Cat litter
    By Marilyn, Friday 18 August 2023

    Very very product I m very happy with it

  • Amazing sand
    By Silvia, Tuesday 15 August 2023

    Vito never enjoyed using the cat litter and always preferred to use nature as his bathroom. Although he hurt himself outdoors and had to stay home to recover. This Almo Nature sand is so good that even after he was allowed outdoors again he came home to use it! Unbelievably good. Vito gives all thumbs up

  • Love this litter😻😻😻😻
    By Caroline, Wednesday 12 July 2023

    I was dubious at first, as we have always used Catsan. I have 4 cats and was buying 4 x 10 litre bags a month. This litter is so much better. Combine this with those mats with the honeycomb layer and a top opening litter tray and your on to a winner. (A little bit of tracking but very minimal providing you follow the instructios to the letter.) Three bags a month works well for us and we have been using this for 3 years now. It does trap the smell, providing you scoop twice every day and your furballs are not lazy and leaving their deposits sitting on top. It clumps well. It recommends washing the trays once a month, but I wash mine weekly and think this is why we don't have issues with smell. The only draw back I do find is that the urine clumps tend to stick and dry really hard in the bottom of the tray (somedays like superglue), but if you have a strong scoop and not afraid of elbow grease it's not that much of an issue. Really glad I found this product and highly recommend it to others.