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Altranet Bike Leash Dogrunner

This product is no longer available.

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    Altranet Bike Leash Dogrunner

    The weather is nice and you want to go for a nice bike ride with your dog walking alongside the bicycle. With the bike leash from Altranet, you can safely do this. The Dogrunner is a coil spring that can be attached to the frame of the bicycle through the use of the mounting clip. By attaching the dog's leash to the Dogrunner, you can keep both hands on your handlebars and your dog won't get near the spokes, pedals or other traffic. The coil spring of the bike leash absorbs any pulling from your dog, keeping the bike balanced. This equipment can be mounted on nearly any bicycle with a frame width of 36 mm. On days when you are not taking your dog with you, you can remove the coil spring from the bike thanks to the locking pin. The mounting clip will stay in place. This mounting clip is also available separately. This means that you can easily change the coil spring over to a second bike.


    • Hands free to steer
    • Can be mounted onto nearly all bicycles
    • Shock-absorbing spring keeps the bicycle in balance
    • Easy to fit

    What is the thickness of my bicycle frame?

    Measure the circumference of the frame in centimetres, using a measuring tape. Then divide this number by 3.14. The result of this calculation is the diameter of the frame. A frame with a diameter of 36 mm (3.6 cm) has a circumference of approximately 11.3 cm.

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