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Animology has developed three types of shampoo for dogs. First of all, Hair of The Dog helps to remove knots, tangles and matted hair from your dog’s coat. Then there is the Derma Dog Shampoo, which has been specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin. Finally there is the Dogs Body Shampoo, developed for all breeds and coats. Each shampoo contains essential vitamins and a conditioner to keep your dog’s skin healthy and clean.

Dry Shampoos

Does your dog hate going into the water or being washed? Then the Animology dry shampoos might be the solution for you! These shampoos can be used without water, so you can quickly clean your dog. The available products are the Dirty Dawg No Rinse Shampoo and the Mucky Pup No Rinse Shampoo. Both shampoos have a deep cleansing effect, removing dirt and unwanted odours. Just like the shampoos, the products contain conditioner and essential vitamins to keep the coat healthy and clean.


The Animology sprays have been developed to neutralise and eliminate bad sprays. A spray like the Stink Bomb can be used between washes or after swimming or a walk in the rain. There are also sprays that help to remove knots, tangles and matted hair from your dog’s coat without having to fully wash your dog. Take a look at all the available sprays to see which product your dog needs.


Of course Animology hasn’t forgotten about puppies. These young ones have different needs from adult dogs, so there are a shampoo, dry shampoo and spray specially formulated for pups. These products are suitable for pups that are 6 weeks or older and keep the sensitive skin healthy and clean.