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Applaws Dog Food - Chicken & Tuna in Jelly

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    This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here.

    Applaws Dog Food - Chicken & Tuna in Jelly

    This tasty Applaws wet food is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages. This natural food consists of 60% chicken meat and tuna which are slowly cooked in jelly. This jelly is made from seaweed. Chicken & Tuna in jelly is a natural source of taurine. This amino acid has a beneficial effect on the heart and eye function.


    Fresh fish, fresh meat and free from additional flavourings or preservatives: the creation of Applaws products is done using only natural ingredients that were originally designated for human consumption. Now, they are used to create high-quality dog and cat food. Approximately 75% of all Applaws diets are made of fresh fish or fresh meat. This ensures that both the dry and wet food varieties are rich in vitamins, minerals, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids; which in turn, help support your pet's health.


    12 x 156 gram


    Chicken breast 56%, tuna 4%, vegetable gelling agent.

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