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Back Zoo Nature Discovery Bedding

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    Back Zoo Nature Discovery Bedding

    Back Zoo Nature Discovery Bedding is 100% natural and biodegradable. The ground cover is made from the bark of the coconut. It retains moisture without going mouldy. This makes the bedding also suitable for outdoor enclosures. Birds particularly need good humidity of around 50%-60%. Indoors, especially in winter, the humidity is around 30%. Humidifying the Back Zoo Nature Discovery bedding increases the humidity in the enclosure. Another advantage is that it is a compact bedding, allowing your rodent or bird to dig without the bedding getting next to the cage.


    • 100% natural and biodegradable
    • Made from the bark of a coconut
    • Retains moisture without moulding
    • Compact bedding


    Available in 10 and 20 litres


    Fill the enclosure until the bottom is completely covered with Back Zoo Nature Discovery Bedding. The layer should be at least 5 cm so that the bedding covers the bottom of the enclosure and can absorb it well. In the table below you can find out how many litres you need for your enclosure.

    Back Zoo Nature Discovery Bedding
    Size enclosureRequired bedding
    50 x 30 x 30 cm8 litres
    60 x 30 x 30 cm10 litres
    80 x 40 x 40 cm17 litres
    100 x 50 x 50 cm26 litres

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