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Beaphar 404 Bird Spray

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    Beaphar 404 Bird Spray

    Beaphar 404 Bird Spray is a solution for pigeons, cage and aviary birds to fight pests, such as blood lice, mosquitoes and other flying insects. The spray is suitable for pets. Read instructions before using the product.

    If blood lice, mosquitoes and other flying insects are present, all nooks and crannies in the cage or aviary should be treated with another product, such as Biosil. The perches must also be treated.

    Red mite

    Red mites are also known as poultry mite or chicken mite. This pest is mainly active at night. They drink the bird's blood, which can emaciate, weaken and in the worst case even die. During the day poultry mites are between the seams and cracks of the cage. It is therefore very important to treat both the bird and the cage thoroughly.

    You can recognise poultry mite when your birds are restless and in poor condition. Chickens can also develop pale combs. By using a small knife through the seams and cracks of the cage you can see blood or black, red dots (mites). This pest is very persistent. A thorough approach is necessary to fight red mites. Chicken mite can only become active in the evening. Therefore you should treat your bird just before it gets dark with the Beaphar 404 Bird Spray

    Please note: Only use this product in a well-ventilated area.

    Active ingredients: Pyrethrin 0.23%, Piperonyl butoxide 1%.

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