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Beaphar Feeding Syringes

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    Beaphar Feeding Syringes

    Beaphar Feeding Syringes are suitable for feeding young animals by hand or for force-feeding sick and weak animals. They are also suitable for administering liquid medicine. The pack contains two 14ml feeding syringes; one with a tapered end for slow feeding and one with a blunt end for quick feeding.


    2 x 14ml Feeding Syringes


    • Ensure that all equipment is clean and sterile before use, preferably by soaking in a sterilising solution.
    • Mix the feed as required and allow to cool to body temperature (38ºC).
    • Fill the blunt ended feeding syringe with the feeding solution and gently press the plunger to ensure the liquid is flowing.
    • You can wrap the animal in a towel to restrain limbs whilst feeding, if necessary.
    • Squeeze a little of the liquid feed out of the feeding syringe and touch it onto the animal's tongue. This should feel like a nipple and trigger the suckling reflex. Continue to feed the animal until it seems to have eaten enough.
    • If this method doesn't seem to work, fill the tapered tip syringe with the feed. Gently insert this into the animals mouth and release a few drops into the cheek and allow the animal to swallow. Never squeeze too much feed out of the syringe at a time, as the feed could enter the lungs.
    • Repeat this feeding method every two to three hours until the animal is strong enough to drink from a bottle.

    All of our products are sourced from genuine veterinary wholesalers in the Netherlands. Because of this, some items may be delivered in Dutch packaging. Besides the language on the packages, this product does not differ from the UK product in any other way.

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Beaphar Feeding Syringes reviews
  • Too stiff to use!
    By Si Drew, Saturday 16 January 2021

    These syringes are ridiculously stiff, resulting in nothing coming out at first, followed by a huge jet of liquid. After one attempt with my puppies I gave up as I didn't want to risk shooting it in to their lungs!