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Beaphar Odour Eliminator

This product is no longer available.

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  • Product Description

    The packaging and composition of Beaphar Odour Eliminator is being improved and renewed.

    Beaphar Odour Eliminator

    The Odour Eliminator from Beaphar removes unpleasant odours caused by pets, like urine and vomit. Odour Eliminator cleans the environment in a safe and healthy way, and breaks down organic residues like dirt and allergens. It leaves a layer of probiotics, which stays active for a long time. Disinfectants can kill good bacteria, which can cause bad bacteria to develop quicker. Cleaning with probiotics ensures a good balance of micro-organism in the environment.


    • Suitable for removing unpleasant odours caused by pets.
    • Breaks down organic residues like dirt and allergens
    • Creates a healthy environment with probiotics
    • Recyclable packaging that is made of environmental friendly sugar cane


    Shake well before use. Test Beaphar Odour Eliminator in a discrete spot first. Spray on surface with a distance of 15-30 cm. Cover that surface with a damp cloth. Rub the spot, and repeat if necessary.


    500 ml


    <5% non-ionic surfactants, <5% amphoteric surfactants, 1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one, enzymes, perfume, bacteria (probiotics), plant extracts (Yucca schidigera).

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