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Beeztees Chicken Snack Ball

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    Beeztees Chicken Snack Ball

    The Beeztees Chicken Snack Ball is a fun way for chickens to get their snacks. After all, they have to work for this themselves. Where this is successful, they get the snacks as a reward.

    The Beeztees Chicken Snack Ball allows chickens to get their snacks in a playful way. Because the ball rolls when the chickens peck at the holes in the ball, the snacks can fall out of the ball or the chicken can peck the snacks out of the holes. Because the chicken snack ball is round, it keeps rolling. This makes it a fun way for chickens to work for their snacks. They can do this alone or they can work together. The chicken snack ball consists of two parts. These parts can be twisted onto each other. This makes it easy for you to put some chicken snacks in this snack ball. Then you close the ball again and the chickens can start playing with it. The ball is big enough to hold quite a few snacks. You can put in pieces of cucumber, lettuce leaves or other chicken snacks. Filling the ball with different snacks keeps it fun for the chickens to get everything out. When the ball is completely empty, you can clean it again and refill it. Cleaning the snack ball can easily be done in the dishwasher. The ball becomes spotless again on the eco setting. Before you put the snack ball in the dishwasher, take it apart first. This way, the inside of the snack ball can be cleaned properly.

    The Beeztees Chicken Snack Ball is not only fun chicken toys but also ecologically responsible. This is because the snack ball is made of 100% recycled plastic from around 30 drinking cartons. The paper fibres from these drinks cartons are reused in the manufacture of boxes and toilet paper, among other things. In this ECO-friendly way, used drinking cartons are saved from the incinerator and reused to make new products. Through the snack ball, chickens are entertained and get tasty snacks as a reward. You can choose to put several snack balls in the chicken coop or chicken run. This way, several chickens can play with a snack ball at the same time.


    • Ecologically responsible product
    • Dishwasher-safe on eco setting
    • 100% recycled plastic
    • Fun activity for chickens


    15 cm

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