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Biestwinkel Col-O-Horse

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    PLEASE NOTE: This product was formerly known as the Colostrum Therapy Horse. The product will get a new packaging. The composition of the product will not change.

    Biestwinkel Col-O-Horse

    Biestwinkel Col-O-Horse is colostrum in powder form that can be used to treat cases of gastrointestinal complaints.


    The first milk that young animals get from their mothers, which is essential for their early development, is better known as colostrum. This milk is available in many varieties with many different properties. There are only a few variants which possess the appropriate properties that have an influence on the growth and the resistance of young animals. It is of great importance that this milk is obtained within twelve hours of the birth of a mammal. This results in '12 hour colostrum'.

    Essential nutrients:

    If the milk has been absorbed by the mother 12 hours after birth it will contain high concentrations of substances that a young animal needs to grow. These substances should stay in the milk in these high concentrations, but are often lost in the process after the milking, as the process often causes the colostrum to reach above 42 degrees C. If this happens, there will be loss of a variety of substances which are of importance for the functioning of colostrum.

    Guaranteed quality:

    The 12 hour colostrum, which is sold under the name 'Col-O-Horse', is guaranteed to be obtained from the mother within 12 hours, which can be proven. The collection process does not require the colostrum to be heated as it is freeze dried to a powder. Afterwards it is treated in order to remove any harmful bacteria.

    Recommended for:

    The product can be used in the following cases:

    • To promote intestinal function
    • To increase resistance
    • To balance the immune system

    Key features:

    Col-O-Horse contains hundreds of different substances, all of which have a certain function. The main functions of Col-O-Horse are:

    • Creates an unfavourable environment for harmful bacteria
    • Prebiotic effect
    • Promotes the growth of intestinal cells
    • Ensures proper bowel function
    • Increases resistance
    • Balances the immune system
    • Increases food absorption through the intestine

    Administration and dosage:

    Supplementary feed:

    • Horses: 25 grams in the morning and evening
    • Foals: 12,5 grams in the morning and evening
    When you see that your horse improves, you can switch to a maintance dose of 12.5-25 grams a day. The powder should be mixed with water.

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