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Bonpard Non-Obesity

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  • Product Description

    Bonpard Non-Obesity

    Bonpard Non-Obesitas has been specially composed to help overweight horses and ponies lose weight responsibly. Obesity can lead to health problems. In addition, obese horses and ponies are at an increased risk of laminitis. Bonpard Non-Obesitas fits into a fibre-rich and low-energy roughage weight loss diet, in combination with plenty of exercise.

    Key features

    Bonpard Non-Obesitas has a reduced energy content, helping your horse or pony to lose weight. The feed has a high protein content in order to help prevent the loss of muscle mass. This protein is contained in alfalfa meal and soya beans. In addition, this feed contains the chaff of oats. This, along with coarse alfalfa, forms a source of fibre. The proportion of starch and sugars in Bonpard Non-Obesitas is low. A small amount of sweetener has been added to the feed for flavour. In addition, the feed contains all of the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that your horse needs.

    Weight loss

    When a horse or pony is overweight, this can have an adverse effect on its health. In order for a horse to lose weight, its energy intake needs to be smaller than its energy consumption. This means that the horse needs to be given less energy in terms of its feed and needs more exercise. When the horse is trained during the weight loss process, this will speed up the process. The horse's muscles use up extra energy during the training, but also for the rest of the day. If you do not train your horse during the weight loss process, the horse can conserve its energy quite effectively, so it will take longer to reach the horse's target weight.

    Reducing the food is necessary for weight loss. However, this should not lead to fibre, protein, vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Bonpard Non-Obesitas is composed in such a way that it contains all of the nutrients that the horse needs. However, it is important to adjust the horse's diet following consultation with a veterinarian. By examining the horse after 4 to 6 weeks, you can establish whether the horse's ration needs to be adjusted.

    Extra information

    • Feed your horses at least 4 portions of hay and 2 portions of Bonpard Non-Obesitas daily. Ensure that your horse never goes without feed for more than 6 hours.
    • Mark the required quantity of feed on a feeding scoop.
    • Weigh hay and straw on your bathroom scales or on balancing scales.
    • Training and exercise speed up the weight loss process.
    • Give the horse some entertainment to stave off boredom.
    • Have your horse and the feed examined by a veterinarian every 4 to 6 weeks.
    • Shelf life: up to 6 months after the production date (see packaging). Storage conditions: Cool and dry.

    Please note

    Bonpard diet food can only be given following a diagnosis made by your veterinarian.


    Alfalfa, oatmeal pellets, soya pellets, wheat meal, coarse alfalfa, molashine, mineral and vitamin premix, sucram sweetener.

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