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Bugsforpets is a Dutch family business that specializes in insect-based animal feed. Bugsforpets was founded in 2013 and was the first company in Europe to introduce insect-based dog food to pet stores. This is still the case today. All Bugsforpets food and snacks contain one protein source, which is an insect, and are grain and gluten-free. Because insects are a unique source of protein in animal nutrition in Europe, the chance that a dog has developed an allergy to this is very small. Producing this food is also very nature-friendly. This is because insects emit little or no greenhouse gases. We will tell you more about this later. In addition to the dried insects, Bugsforpets dog food also contains potatoes, vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds and salmon oil (only in the Crunchy kibble). This is all processed into one tasty kibble. The BugsforPets Pressed has been specially developed for dogs with allergies or intolerances and is therefore hypoallergenic.

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BugsforPets is produced in the Netherlands, which ensures little transport traffic and therefore less C02 emissions. The Black Soldier Fly (hereinafter BSF) is used as an insect source. This fly has a life cycle of only 8 weeks, which means that it is a new protein source within a short time. In addition, the number of litres of water needed to produce the BSF proteins is very low. To obtain 1 kg of proteins from the BSF flies, approximately 8 litres of water are used, with 1 kg of proteins from cows, 8350 litres of water are used. The BSF larvae are grown exclusively with vegetable raw materials and under GMP+ certification by an NVWA recognized breeder. All in all, a very sustainable way to produce dog food.


Vetsend has two types of Bugsforpets dry food in its range. The crunchy variant is a Crispy Chunk with a nice bite. This kibble is suitable for dogs from 12 weeks. In addition, the kibble is easily digestible and extremely suitable for dogs with intestinal problems. The lauric acid that insects contain can fight micro-organisms. The cold-pressed variant is a cold-pressed kibble that is made at a lower temperature than the crispy kibble. As a result, most of the ingredients remain intact. It doesn’t have a crunchy bit.

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