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Canikur Pro

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  • Product Description

    Canikur Pro is a probiotic and prebiotic nutritional supplement designed to support natural intestinal flora in dogs and cats. Probiotics produce short-chained fatty acids, a very important nutrient for the intestinal cells. Prebiotics are substrates that stimulate the growth of certain species of bacteria that are useful for the intestinal flora. Bio-Mos-C stimulates the growth of the useful bacteria and has the additional advantage that it reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria in the dog's intestines. Montmorillonite is a clay mineral that soaks up viruses, toxins and foreign substances such as heavy metals or pesticides like a sponge.

    Important benefits

    • Helps reduce the duration of acute diarrhoea and helps reduce the frequency.
    • Helps reduce the frequency of antibiotics-related diarrhoea.
    • Helps the immune system to balance the intestines.
    Weight Dose
    Cats1-2ml twice a day
    Pups and dogs, up to 10kg2ml twice a day
    Medium dogs, 11 - 25kg4ml twice a day
    Large dogs, 26 - 40kg6ml twice a day
    Very large dogs, more than 40kg8ml twice a day


    Turn the ring on the syringe to the desired dose and place the Canikur Pro paste in the food dish or directly into the dog's mouth. It is recommended that you replace the cap on the syringe after use to prevent lumps. Use Canikur Pro for as long as needed or as recommended by your veterinarian to restore and maintain the natural balance of intestinal flora during periods of stress, a course of antibiotics or at other times when the intestinal flora may be disrupted.


    Soya oil, inactivated yeast, vegetable protein, hydrolysate, glucose, sodium chloride.

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