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These fibres absorb liquids and odours, while trapping them deep inside the litter – up to seven times their own weight. By using this technique, they’ve established themselves as one of Europe’s most popular producers of natural cat litter! Cat’s Best only uses renewable raw materials, ensuring that their products are sustainable and biodegradable. This way you won’t only offer your cat the best products, but you’re also contributing to a healthy environment!

Cat Litter

Are you looking for a high-quality cat litter? At Vetsend we sell Cat’s Best cat litter and rodent bedding. The Cat’s Best Original is able to absorb up to seven times their own weight. Do keep in mind that cat litter lasts longer if you clean it regularly! If you’re looking for rodent bedding, you can take a look at Cat’s Best Universal. Like all of Cat’s Best products this bedding is biodegradable and helps eliminate bad odours. Quickly check out all Cat’s Best products below!