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Comfy Cone

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  • Product Description

    Comfy Cone

    The Comfy Cone is a wearable, soft, tapered collar for your dog or cat. The Comfy Cone ensures that your pet cannot lick or bite healing wounds. Available in black and khaki, sizes XS to XXL. Comfy Cone has been tested by veterinarians and on anxious or aggressive dogs. Anxious and/or aggressive dogs generally felt calmer and less stressed because when wearing the Comfy Cone they were in their "own little space".

    More rest, less stress

    The collar is not transparent. The advantage of this is that your dog or cat will often be calmer wearing it. The dog or cat feels safe in their own little space. As a result, your pet feels generally calmer and less stressed, thus speeding the healing process.

    Key features

    • Soft and comfortable for optimum protection
    • Made from laminated nylon with a robust foam layer
    • Can be folded, allowing the animal to eat and drink
    • Reversible in case one side gets dirty
    • Waterproof
    • Can be stored flat
    • Reflective trim for high visibility in the dark
    • Easy to put on without having to pull the cone over the head
    • Can be attached to a regular collar so that your dog cannot remove the cone
    • Adjustable Velcro fastening

    Size advice

    The main consideration when choosing the right size is the distance between the nose and neck. The collar has to extend beyond the nose, to prevent the animal from reaching its wound. The sturdy, adjustable Velcro strap can be adjusted to the size of the dog or cat. The best way to prevent the dog taking off the hood is to attach the Comfy Cone to the collar using the elastic loops supplied.

    The Comfy Cone is available in the following sizes

    It's important to know how to measure your pet properly to ensure that you purchase the right size. The How to determine the right size for my pet article offers insight and tips on the best way to do this!

    Size XS and S are also suitable for cats!

    Size Distance between nose and neck Neck circumference Example breeds
    XS 11 cm 25 - 29 cm Chihuahua-sized dogs and small cats
    S 14.5 cm 28 - 32 cm Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier and large cats
    S (long) 20 cm 24 - 30 cm For small dogs with long snouts, e.g. Dachshund, Jack Russel Terrier, Italian Greyhound
    M 21 cm 32 - 40 cm French bulldog
    M (extra long) 30 cm 30 - 38 cm For medium dogs with long snouts, e.g. Greyhounds
    L 26 cm 40 - 48 cm Australian shepherd, small Labrador
    XL 30.5 cm 50 - 60 cm Golden Retriever, large Labrador
    XXL 36.5 cm 52-65 cm German shepherd, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Ridgeback


    What if the Comfy Cone does not fit?

    Please note that, as we often receive returned products that are dirty or worn, we have the following conditions for exchanges and returns of the Comfy Cone. If Vetsend deems that the Comfy Cone is dirty, stained, worn, smells, contains animal hair or has been washed after use, we reserve the right to refuse a refund. In this case, we will not return the Comfy Cone to you, but it will be donated to a charity (local shelter).

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Comfy Cone reviews
  • Very pleased with product
    By Lynda, Sunday 17 March 2024

    Very impressed with the ordering to delivery of product. Arrived within the time they advised. Collar was exactly as described. Very pleased. Would definitely recommend them. Quality of comfy cone is brilliant. A bit expensive, but should last a long time.

  • Would recommend
    By Linda Richardson, Monday 2 October 2023

    Love the flexibility of this cone. It is soft, comfortable and easy to fit. Easy to wipe over so can be used and put away for future needs. Would strongly recommend.

  • Cone of shame
    By Mrs M, Thursday 8 June 2023

    We have used thus for our Rottweiler that had eye surgery so the donuts were no good. This has been mor comfortably for him and less stressful.

  • Good quality, but didn’t fir our Labrador well enough
    By Keith Allen, Thursday 25 May 2023

    Used the measuring guide, and it said XL. Bought to prevent him chewing an operation site on his tail, but didn’t do so, - slightly short in overall length for our dog, who is quite long - so returned it for a refund. Made well though, really good quality, but couldn’t wait another week for a larger size, so bought an alternative, not as robust but did the jog with same day delivery. shame, but would recommend the product

  • Excellent product
    By Elizabeth L, Friday 17 February 2023

    We have a 13month old lab with a rear broken leg, 8 weeks recovery …..this softer (but strong) comfy cone has been brilliant. It’s meant our pup can be in his crate and lie his head down flat. Also if his head is against the side of the crate, then it will flatten to accommodate this head position…..but without any compromise to the cone. The elastic tabs work well for attaching the collar too. My only slight criticism would be that although the Large size although definitely long enough from neck to beyond nose, the neck circumference is a bit too tight. So we have had to attach the stiff velcro tab on the very edge of the Velcro strip at the neck end. The XL would have been way too long for him. Our lab is lean boy too, so he has no fat on him. However, that said the Velcro is super strong so it’s never moved even with this adjustment at the neck. So even if the length is good for your dog, I’d def check the neck circumference if you have a chunkier necked dog and maybe go XL. Overall, we are extremely pleased with this cone, and would absolutely recommend it 100%. We’ve found it to be very robust and safe to use. Our pup has slept very well with it on 👍