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Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a loving, watchful, friendly and obedient dog. He is incorruptible, very loyal to his owner and family. The breed is known as quiet and intelligent. Because of the popularity of these Alpine dogs the health of the breed has decreased. Be sure to find a reputable breeder.

bernese mountain dog


Origin: Switzerland
Other breed names: Sennenhund, Berner Sennenhund, Bernese Cattle Dog, Berner
Body: Short and broad-shouldered. Broad, deep chest. Sturdy, straight back. No tucked up belly.
Weight: 40-50 kg
Height: Males: 64-70 cm and females: 58-66 cm
Common symptoms: Hip dysplasia (HD), Elbow dysplasia (ED), Histiocytic Sarcoma (HS) / Maligne Histiocytosis (MH; disseminated histiocytic sarcoma), Mastocytoma


The coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog is half-long and straight to slightly wavy with a dense undercoat. The colour is always predominantly black with rust brown and white markings. Especially in places where the coat easily tangles (trousers, collar, armpits, close the ears), weekly brushing and combing should be done properly. If necessary, remove the hairs between the foot pads.

Approach to the training

The Bernese Mountain Dog should be raised in a balanced, consistent and very loving manner. A “hard approach” (punishing and beating) is taboo. As a result, the Bernese will develop into an uncertain, anxious and unstable dog. He is eager to learn and very sensitive to the voice of his owner. Bernese Mountain Dogs love exercise and should therefore be exercised regularly. Young dogs should have enough rest and sleep: they should not be taken for a long walk. He can roam freely in the garden: because of his well-developed feeling for the boundaries of his territory he doesn’t run away easily. For its physical development, it is very important that a growing dog does not walk stairs or is burdened in any other way. This damages the build and development of good, strong bones, tendons and joints.

Dog sports

Real dog sports are not very suitable for the Bernese Mountain Dog, considering the size of the dog. Obedience courses are suitable for this breed.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are suitable for owners who:

  • Are looking for a large and friendly dog
  • Have younger children
  • Love a loyal and obedient dog
  • Are fond of actively walking their dog

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