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Fluffy Dog Beds

Nothing is as soft as a fluffy dog bed. The soft and long hairs make it a wonderfully warm bed. Once your dog gets to know a fluffy bed, they won’t want to go back!

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For a dog, relaxation is just as important as it is for a human. An adult dog needs an average of 12 to 14 hours of sleep per day. Therefore, it’s nice for a dog to have a warm and comfortable place to rest. Because a fluffy dog bed has a soft plush fabric that emits warmth, the muscles can completely relax.

Orthopaedic support

With the Beeztees Memory Foam Jaxx, you have the suitable dog bed for dogs with joint problems. The bed is a mix of memory foam and comfort foam flakes, allowing the pressure distribution to adapt to your dog’s body shape.

From small to large

The different fluffy dog beds that Vetsend offers are available in various sizes. This allows you to find the right size that matches your dog’s size. For small dogs, the sizes start at 45 cm. For larger dogs, the sizes go up to 100 cm. It’s important for a dog to have a cosy and warm place to rest. If the bed is too large, that safe feeling won’t be created. With round beds, like the District 70 FUZZ, that cosy feeling is even more present.

A nice addition to your interior

A dog bed often stands prominently in the living space of your home. After all, you want to have your dog with you in a cosy way. The fluffy dog beds that we offer at Vetsend make it possible to choose one that matches your interior. From beige to dark grey, you’ll surely find a colour that matches your interior! It’s also nice to vary in shapes in your home. For example, if you have a rectangular sofa and table, a round dog bed adds a playful effect.

A warm place for your puppy or kitten

For puppies and kittens, you want to create an extra warm sleeping spot so they can quickly feel at home. The Beeztees Kitten/Puppy Vako Plush Bed is perfect for this. With a diameter of 50 cm, this is the perfect bed where your puppy or kitten will feel safe and cosy.