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    Heel Engystol is a homeopathic supplement that can be given to support the immune and defence system. Because it has a liquid form, it is easy to administer. In addition, it is suitable for various animals.

    Key features

    • Suitable for various animals
    • To support the immune system
    • Registered homeopathic remedy

    Directions for use

    Stick to the recommended dosage specified in the table down below. If necessary, the indicated dose may be administered for 5 consecutive days, depending on the severity of the case. If the symptoms do not diminish or, on the contrary, get worse, please contact your vet.

    Type of animal Quantity per day
    Horse, beef 3 times 60 drops
    Pig 3 times 40-60 drops
    Large dog 3 times 40 drops
    Medium-sized dog, sheep 3 times 30 drops
    Small dog 3 times 20 drops
    Small pets 3 times 10 drops




    100 g (= 107,7 ml) mixture of liquid dilutions:

    Active substances: Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Dil. D6 0.6 g; Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Dil. D10 0.6 g; Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Dil. D30 0.6 g; Vincetoxicum hirundinaria Dil. D30 (HAB, regulation 8a) 0.1 g; Sulphur Dil. D10 0.3 g; Sulphur Dil. D4 0,3 g. Components 1-5 are fortified in the final stage, together with ethanol at 43 % (m/m).

    Other components: ethanol 43% (m/m). Contains 50.7 % alcohol by volume

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Engystol reviews
  • great service
    By Jessica, Saturday 9 March 2024

    good product quick delivery great service

  • good for flu
    By Jessica, Thursday 2 November 2023

    Give this to my cat for flu and sneezing. Seems to help and he tolerates it well.

  • great product
    By Jessica, Friday 21 July 2023

    I use this for my cat with chronic sneezing. Seems to help and he tolerates it well.