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Eukanuba Dog Food

Research has shown that the proper composition of dog food can lead to longer life expectancy and promotes health in both the short and long run. This doesn’t just prolong your dog’s life, but enables them to live longer healthily. Since its establishment in 1969, Eukanuba has been involved with innovative research into quality food for dogs. Eukanuba dog food is uniquely designed to meet your pet’s individual needs by using high quality ingredients.

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Eukanuba’s food for dogs

Eukanuba dog food is a complete, balanced food specifically designed to meet your dog’s individual needs during each of their stages of life. With a varied range of products, Eukanuba offers a complete meal for every dog. Eukanuba has two different ranges: Eukanuba Veterinary Diets and Eukanuba Daily Care. Eukanuba Veterinary Diets are diets specifically designed for dogs that suffer from ailments such as kidney and gastrointestinal problems. For dogs that do not suffer from any type of condition, the Daily Care range offers a complete balance of nutritional requirements for dogs of all breeds and ages.

Eukanuba diets are complete, balanced food specifically tailored to your dog’s individual needs. It is available for every stage of your pet’s life. Due to the various diets, Eukanuba can provide every dog with healthy, tailor-made food.

Quality Promise Eukanuba Dog Food

  • The products solely contain high-quality ingredients. The key ingredient is animal protein that come from livestock suitable for human consumption.
  • Eukanuba food are only put up for sale once they have passed strict quality controls. The product is tested from the ingredients all the way through the production process.

Eukanuba Dog Food product lines

Eukanuba Veterinary Diets

For dogs that need some additional support, Eukanuba Veterinary Diets range. This range consists of specific dog food that focuses on health issues in dogs. Here you will find dog food that supports your furry friend in case of obesity, kidney problems, stomach and intestinal disorders and problems with skin or coat.

Nature Plus

Eukanuba Nature Plus is a tasty dog food rich in fresh frozen meat or fish. In addition, all ingredients are carefully selected and this food contains a high protein percentage. Your dog will certainly enjoy this delicious meal.

Daily Care

For healthy dogs that occasionally suffer from a health condition, Eukanuba Daily Care is recommended. This food contains important nutrients that are tailored to the needs of your faithful companion. This food supports dogs with sensitive skin, digestion or joints. Furthermore, this dog food is also suitable for recently sterilised or obese dogs.

Premium Performance

Sports dogs or very active dogs have a different nutritional need than less active dogs. It is therefore important that the diet be adapted accordingly. Eukanuba Premium Performance responds to this different dietary need. Eukanuba Premium Performance Jogging & Agility is specially formulated for dogs who regularly enjoy outdoor activities such as running, walking, cycling and agility training. In addition, Eukanuba also provides the Working & Endurance dog food that is suitable for very active dogs, such as hunting, police dogs and rescue dogs.


Eukanuba Breed has several types of dog food that are tailored to the needs of small, medium and large dogs. This is because each dog has a different nutritional requirement. Eukanuba also makes a distinction in the age of your dog. There is dog food for puppies, adult dogs and ageing dogs. For example, the Eukanuba Dog – Active Adult – Small Breed is suitable for adult dogs up to 10 kilos. This way you can find the appropriate diet for your furry friend.