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Fidavet Cavalesse Oral

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    Tail and mane eczema (sweet itch)

    Skin allergies in the summer, such as sweet itch, which are caused by reactions to bites from Culicoides mosquitoes, can be serious and frustrating disorders, as they are often difficult to control. To help prevent the disease, horses are often fully covered by a blanket in the meadow, they have limited access to the pasture or are sprayed with insect repellent. Treatment with antihistamines and corticosteroids is possible, but they can have side effects.

    Key features of Cavalesse Oral

    Fidavet Cavalesse is a natural animal food supplement that contains an adapted composition of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, including nicotinamide. Once a month, the contents of one sachet should be dissolved in water. The oral solution may then be sprinkled, using a pipette, over a handful of food or a treat, such as a lump of sugar, once a day. The supplement helps to keep the horse's skin healthy by reducing the release of histamine in the skin.


    For horses and ponies that weigh less than 500 kg, 2 ml should be given daily. Horses weighing more than 500 kg should be given a dose of 3 ml per day. Put the contents of one sachet into the vial and fill up to the mark (80 ml) with tap water. Shake until it is a clear solution. Cavalesse is now ready for use.

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