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Phytonics Respi Comp

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  • Product Description

    Phytonics Respi Comp

    Phytonics Respi Comp is a food supplement that can be used in cases of acute and chronic respiratory tract discomfort in dogs, cats, horses and ponies. Respiratory problems can have various underlying causes. Environmental factors play an important role, e.g. a dog kennel or cattery stay, or stable management for horses. Respi Comp has a cleansing and soothing effect on the respiratory tract. For use in acute or chronic problems in the front and rear respiratory tracts, such as kennel cough, flu, sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, influenza, coughs and hypersensitivity to dust, for example.

    Recommended for:

    For the cleaning and softening of the front and rear airways.

    Dosage and application:

    Twice daily (unless a veterinarian recommends otherwise):

    • Cat: 2-5 drops
    • Dog: 5-10 drops
    • Horse: 10-15 drops

    1 ml = 20 drops.

    Treatment duration

    In an acute situation, the treatment duration will be relatively short. This may vary from a few days to 3 weeks. In case of improvement, you can continue administering this product for a few more days. For long-term discomfort, the effect is usually visible after 1 to 3 weeks. It is advised that you insert a stop week every 6 to 8 weeks. The stimulus can be reintroduced after the stop week. Resume treatment immediately if symptoms worsen. This product can be given indefinitely.


    Anise, thyme, fenugreek, wild liquorice, ground ivy, cat's claw, lapacho Indian lungwort, sage, plantain, fennel, wu wei zi, ammonium chloride, L-cysteine, magnesium phosphate, Vitamin B6, glycerin, bentonite-montmorillonite, alcohol 30%.

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Phytonics Respi Comp reviews
  • Cat loathes it
    By Malcolm Hales, Tuesday 19 March 2024

    It works, but it has a strong aroma, my cat can smell it when I open the bottle. Wish it was odourless. Otherwise good delivery service.

  • Best for my dog.
    By Lilu, Tuesday 13 June 2023

    Tried many drops ( cheaper and more expensive ones ) and this is the only one that works .... Amazing

  • Brilliant product
    By Lindsey, Saturday 12 October 2019

    One of my kittens had pneumonia earlier this year and she had a lingering snuffle and congestion and kept clearing her throat. Nothing the vets could give me would clear this up so I tried these drops. So glad I did after a few weeks it had all cleared up. I’ve just got back from holiday and all three cats were snuffling and sneezing. I started giving them these drops and a week later two are back to normal and the one that had pneumonia just needs to be on them for a few more days. Brilliant product that’s saved me a load of money on vets bills. Thank you Vetsend.