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Beaphar No Stress for Cats

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  • Product Description

    Beaphar No Stress

    Beaphar No Stress soothe, encourage good behaviour and reduce stress in cats. No stress contain Valerian extract, a natural agent with a calming effect. The micro encapsulated extract is released slowly and has a long-term effect.

    When to use Beaphar No Stress for Cats?

    No Stress products can be used for excessive whining, meowing and spraying, separation anxiety, going into kennels, appointments at the veterinarian, travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, destructive behaviour and unwanted territorial behaviour. Suitable for all cat breeds and all ages.

    What Beaphar No Stress products are there?

    Beaphar No Stress Pipette

    The effective duration of a No Stress pipette is one week, due to the Valerian extract being released slowly. The dosage is always 1 pipette per animal. The amount of fragrance needed by a large or small animal in order for the product to have the desired effect is the same. This product is suitable and safe for long-term use. For some behavioural problems, extra training may be needed alongside the use of the drops in order to discourage the unwanted behaviour.

    Beaphar No Stress Collar

    The effective duration of No Stress Band is approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Loosely attach the collar around your cat's neck so that you can fit 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. Cut off the part of the collar that you do not need. Do not use any other collars whilst using the No Stress Collar, as they may reduce the effect of the collar. Take off the collar when bathing your dog. If the collar gets wet, it will become effective again once it is dry. Change the collar every 4 weeks. Do not use in cats younger than 12 weeks or in cats with an irritated or damaged skin.

    Beaphar No Stress Spray

    Shake the spray well before use. Spray in the areas where the cat or dog displays unwanted behaviour, or on blankets, toys, travel baskets, scratching posts, etcetera. This product should not be sprayed directly onto the animal. For the best possible results, you can use the spray daily. During extra stressful situations, such as fireworks, thunderstorms or an appointment with your veterinarian, you can use the product several times a day. We recommend that you first apply the spray to an inconspicuous place on the object to be sprayed in order to test the colour fastness and the effect on the material.

    Beaphar No Stress Tablets

    Beaphar No Stress Tablets offer a convenient solution for soothing your anxious cat. Formulated with natural ingredients, these tablets have no sedative effects. Ideal for addressing issues like persistent whining, meowing, spraying, separation anxiety, kennel stays, vet visits, travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, destructive behavior, and unwanted territorial habits.

    Beaphar No Stress Diffuser

    The electric diffuser helps spread the natural extract of valerian into your pet's environment. Valerian is known for its calming quality. One vial (30ml) will work for approximately four weeks. The refill can only be used in the Beaphar No Stress Diffuser and is available separately. Please note: This item has a 2-pin plug, but comes with a UK 3-pin adaptor.

    Beaphar No Stress Refill

    The refill is only compatible with the No Stress diffuser and is available separately. It contains a 30 ml refill and lasts approximately 4 weeks. Once screwed onto the diffuser, it becomes effective approximately 1 hour after connection.

    Please note: this product has the same ingredients as the Beaphar Calming products. However, as this product is sourced from a genuine veterinary wholesaler in the Netherlands the name on the packaging is No Stress.

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Beaphar No Stress for Cats reviews
  • The cat collar has made my cat really calm
    By Mary Stevens, Monday 21 August 2023

    The collar is made of strong plastic; it did take a bit of time to make the collar secure. My cat accepted having the collar placed around her neck, very quickly. I place the collar on my cat every day; I have noticed that she is much calmer.

  • Great for stressed cats
    By Helen, Saturday 22 July 2017

    I bought this for my anxious cat who started to go to the toilet outside of the litter tray during the night. She has never tolerated a collar but after a few minutes wasn't bothered by it. She does appear calmer and the early morning wake up calls are also less frequent than they were. I use alongside Beaphar calming cat treats when I anticipate situations that may cause her stress and they seem to work well. The only downside is the collar doesn't have the most pleasant of smells but worth putting up with for a calmer cat! >•<