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Beeztees Moulting Comb

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    Beeztees Moulting Comb

    The Beeztees Moulting Comb is a comb that has been specially developed for use during your dog's moulting period. Does your dog have a long coat and an undercoat? Then your dog's coat needs extra care. Especially during the moult you notice that your dog's hair can be found everywhere. Although it sometimes seems like there is no end to all hairs, it is important to regularly remove as much hair as possible by combing the coat. The Beeztees Moulting Comb is ready to help you during this time. This comb is suitable to use on dogs with an undercoat. During the moult, the hairs in this undercoat shed. This comb has a combination of long and short pins, so that you can reach the undercoat more easily, without requiring much effort. The short pins ensure that the loose hairs in the top coat are removed or loosened, while the long pins ensure that this happens in the undercoat. By regularly combing your dog's coat, especially during the moulting period, your dog will enjoy a clean and shiny coat without tangles.


    • Features short and long pins
    • Suitable for dogs with a long coat with an undercoat
    • Developed to easily remove loose hair during moulting
    • Comb has a firm soft grip


    During the moulting period, your dog loses the thick undercoat. This undercoat keeps your dog warm during the winter. Once this cold period is over, your dog will shed a large part of the hair. By regularly combing your dog's fur with, your dog loses this fur more easily and you prevent your house from being completely covered in hair. Always comb in the natural direction of hair growth.


    Grey with black


    21 cm

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