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Dog Coat Care

When your dog’s fur is dirty, it is time to wash your dog. Apart from dog’s with skin problems, it is not necessary to wash them frequently.

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You should never use “human shampoo” as dog’s skin has a different pH level to humans, instead, use a specially designed dog shampoo when washing your dog.

Dog Shampoo

Not all dogs enjoy bath time so try and make this process as comforting as possible. Make sure that he can’t slip or fall, that the water is at a pleasant temperature. The best way to wash your dog is by wetting the entire coat before applying the shampoo. Like humans, dogs have different skin types, so make sure the shampoo you use is the one best suited to your dog’s particular skin type, such as dry, flaky skin, sensitive skin or greasy skin. This will help give your dog a shiny, healthy coat.

Grooming Products

Besides shampoo, this category offers a wide range of products to care for your dog’s coat such as dog wipes and specialised shampoos for dog’s suffering from skin conditions or itching.