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Bia Bed

BIA Bed is produced by a Swedish company called BIA AB. This company is located in a small town on the east coast of Sweden, called Valdemarsvik. The first BIA Bed was designed in 1969 by a Swedish upholsterer named Bengt Asklöf. The funny thing about this first BIA Bed is that it was actually made for Brengt’s dog named ‘Bia’. This first dog bed was a classic example of Swedish craft work and the news of this special dog bed spread quickly. This resulted in more demand and so Bengt started with the production of Bia beds

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Dogs love to nap

A dog sleeps about 12 to 14 hours a day. A cat can even sleep to 16 hours a day. It is therefore important that your pet can sleep in a high quality bed, to ensure that they do not suffer from any ailments. The core of all Bia beds consist of high quality polyester. This fabric is not slippery and gives perfect support to your pet’s body. Each Bia bed also has a raised edge and offers protection against draughts and provides additional support. Your pet can comfortably rest on the edge of the Bia bed.

Bia beds

Vetsend offers a wide range in Bia beds, such as the original Bia Bed. It all started with the Original Bia Bed in 1969. This bed provides your pet with a comfortable sleeping place. The foam rubber on the inside gives the back and joints of your pet additional support. The raised edge, as described above, protects against draughts and provides extra comfort. The cover is made of synthetic leather that is easy to clean with a damp cloth and if necessary green soap. Do you want to make the bed even more comfortable for your four-legged friend? Check out the matching Bia Bed covers made of fleece, cotton and even velvet!

Orthopaedic dog beds

Besides the original Bia Bed, Vetsend also offers the Bia Ortho Bed. This orthopaedic dog bed is specially made for dogs with joint problems. The bottom of this bed contains, in contrast to the original Bia Bed, two layers of polyester foam rubber which adapt to the shape of the body (memory foam). The Ortho Bed has a black cover, but can also be used with a velvet cover! This orthopaedic dog bed has a variant without raised edges, which makes the Bia Ortho Mattress a suitable fit for inside a dog crate.

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