Cat Accessories

If you decide to get a cat, you have to realise that she is more than just a fun new roommate. There are a lot of things your cat needs to feel at home, so you need to do more than buy some toys and food. You also need to make your home cat-proof, so you're in charge of deciding where your pet is or isn't allowed. To help you do this, Vetsend offers a variety of cat accessories that will make your cat's life and your life as a cat owner much easier and more fun!

Food storage

To avoid your cat from having easy access to her own food stock, it's important to store the food in a place your buddy can't reach. On our website you'll find various storage containers, by brands like Curver Petlife, Designed by Lotte and Moderna. These handy containers have a lid so you can easily dose the food every day. Do you want to store wet food to keep it fresh longer? Consider the Trixie Silicon Tin Lid! This lid fits onto a variety of tinned cat food as it's available in different sizes and to top it off, it’s dishwasher-proof!

Window and balcony protection

Does your cat love exploring your balcony? Or does she love sneaking out of the house when you look the other way? Wherever you live, an open window or balcony can be irresistible to some cats. So how do you keep your cat safe without always keeping your doors or windows shut? The Trixie Protective Grille is perfect for titled windows and can be attached to the top or side of your window. And if you don’t want to keep your cat from relaxing on the balcony, you can use the Trixie Protective Net. Simply put the net around your balcony and keep your pet from jumping down!

Lost & Found

For those of us that own real adventurers, it isn’t uncommon to worry about our cats’ whereabouts. Fortunately, there are some useful accessories that can help you in case your cat gets lost. The easiest way is to put your personal details on a small note and attach this to the lief! ID Tag that you can put on your cat’s collar. If you want to have your buddy’s actual location, you can use the Tractive IKATI GPS Tracker or the Spotted! Dog & Cat tag. This way you’ll always find your cat again!

Are you looking for another cat accessory? At Vetsend we also sell automatic food bowls, Christmas baubles, pillows and various other cat supplies. Just take a look at all the accessories down below!

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