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Cat Care Products

It is important to always use suitable products when caring for your cat and to make sure that they live in a clean environment. In this category, you’ll find products for washing your cat and products that ensure a healthy coat. We also offer products to help create a clean and healthy living environment for your cat like sprays and house cleaners.

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The Allergies category provides products that combat allergies ranging from dust mites to airborne allergens. Vetsend also provides products to help alleviate human allergies to cats, such as the Bio-Life PetalCleanse Cat.

Eyes, ears and teeth

Some cats require some more specific attention towards their eyes, ears or teeth. In this sub-category, we offer different products that provide more care if your cat has problems in these areas. If you click on ‘teeth’, you’ll find products that help establish healthy teeth like Bogadent Dental Enzyme Chips for Cats. In the ears category, we offer products that help to clean your cat’s ears. Does your cat have sensitive eyes that need extra care? Have a look at our eyes category. You’ll find eye drops, gels, wipes and more.

Coat and nail care

Taking care of your cat’s coat is very important! That is why we have different products in our assortment to take care of your cat’s coat. Think of grooming products like cat brushes, combs and shampoos. You don’t want your cat’s nails to get too long, so have a look at our nail clippers.

Clean enviroment

Getting a pet is very fun, but it also brings responsibilities. One of those is ensuring that your house is clean to create a healthy environment for your new friend. Cats can bring along some unpleasant odours, and they are likely to moult at least twice a year. At Vetsend, we have products to help you keep your house neat and clean. Litter boxes, cleaning wipes, shedding combs, and much more.

Different brands

There are many brands that help you to give your cat the grooming care it needs. OrozymeBogadentVirbacPUUROtocleanFURminator, Dettol, MikkiBeaphar or Trixie.