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Cat Christmas

Christmas is a time of comfort, cosiness, lots and lots of food, a Christmas tree surrounded by presents and stockings filled to the brim. This year, you can make Christmas just as special for your furry friends – after all, they are a part of our families! Our Christmas shop is now open and includes everything you may need just in time for the holidays.

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Christmas Presents for Dogs

Prepare your pet for the holidays with the fun Christmas bows from Plenty Gifts! They are for both dogs and cats! This way your pet can participate in the Christmas dinner in style! If you are still looking for a nice Christmas present for under the tree, then choose one of our nice Christmas cuddly toys from Beeztees or PLAY Pet.

Rather get your dog a nice snack? We are sure some tasty treats are very welcome! And how nice are the candy canes and other Christmas snacks from Beeztees?! This way, your pet also has a delicious snack between unwrapping the presents! f you’re looking for something to fill your dog’s Christmas stocking this year, you will find it here!

Christmas Presents for Cats

Let’s make this Christmas just as special for our furry feline friends. The Vetsend Christmas shop for cats is now open! Whether your looking for your feline friend’s new favourite plush toy or a cute bow, Vetsend now has a huge range of Christmas gifts for cats to make their holidays just as special. Remember that, like other human holidays, Christmas can be a stressful occasion for your cat. With families coming together in one house and other loud noises, your feline friend may experience some anxiety. To help them relieve stress and focus on something fun, try distracting them with a fun Christmas toy or get a new hideout like the Trixie Hideout Harvey. For the best results it is recommended to place their new hideout before the festivities start, so that your cat can become familiar with their new bed.

Tip! Try using Feliway Classic at the beginning of December, or whenever you start decorating your house or your Christmas tree as this can also be stressful for cats. Carefully consider the location of your Christmas tree and try not to move your cat’s litter tray, bed or other “safe” place to avoid unnecessary stress for your feline friend!

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