Cooling Off

On warmer days it is very important to cool your dog. Vetsend provides different dog cooling products to offer your dog that cooling opportunity. Always ensure that your dog is provided with cold drinking water and a cool area because overheating in dogs is quickly lurking. Dogs have few sweat glands and can, therefore, use some help from their owner during the hot summer days.

Dog Cooling mat

Provide your dog with a wonderful cooling mat during the summer period. Cooling mats are available in different sizes, so there is a suitable size for every dog. These mats are easy to roll up and can basically be taken anywhere. Some cooling mats work by means of body pressure and do not require water, electricity or a freezer. These mats can also be used in a car, in beds or in a crate.

Dog Cooling vests

While walking or playing during the warm days you want your dog to find some coolness. It is then very sensible to buy a cooling vest. These are special vests or cooling jackets that absorbs your dog's body heat and continuously cool your dog. Popular cooling jackets for dogs are those from Aqua Coolkeeper, which use a special HydroQuartz gel. Perfectly suited to use if you decide to go on the road together!

Cooling bandana

Buying a cooling bandana is not only nice and refreshing for your dog, but it also looks super cool! These nice cooling bandanas can be useful during training or walks and offer your dog cooling.

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