Cooling Off & Swimming Supplies for Dogs

Overheating can be very dangerous for your dog's health as they hardly have any sweat glands. The only way to alleviate heat and to lower their body temperature is by panting or sweating from the paws. As these are the only two options for a dog to lower their body temperature, they cannot lower it by much, which makes them prone to contracting heat stress or stroke. Heat stress and heat stroke can lead to permanent organ damage, a coma or even death.

Vetsend offer a variety of cooling mats that your dog can lie on after exercising, on warm days or during travel, cooling jackets and cooling collars.

The SeaDog Flotation Devise has particularly suitable for dogs that love to go swimming or that you take sailing. The life jacket ensures that your dog will stay afloat and prevents drowning as a result of overexertion, cold or accidentally falling off a boat. Additionally, the bright colouring makes it easy to keep an eye on your dog.

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