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Dental diet for dogs and cats

Most dental problems in dogs and cats are caused by plaque and tartar. Plaque is formed in the mouth by certain substances in the saliva. The bacteria multiply if the plaque isn’t regularly brushed off, which means that a thin layer stays behind on the surface of your pet’s teeth. This can eventually result in gum disease. If dental plaque is not removed in time, it can harden into tartar by reacting to the minerals in your pet's saliva. Tartar is a yellowish-brown stain on your dog's or cat's teeth. This will get firmly stuck to your pet’s teeth and can no longer be removed with a toothbrush.

How can a dental diet for dogs or cats help?

Special food often help in 3 ways:

  • It reduces the formation of plaque and tartar due to the special composition of the food. A dental diet for pets often contains specific active ingredients, like sodium polyphosphate, that decrease the chance of plaque turning into tartar.
  • It helps clean the teeth due to the adapted shape, size and structure of the kibble. By chewing the kibble, the teeth are immediately ‘brushed’, which helps to reduce the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • Many of these diets include ingredients like lysozyme and lactoferrin, which have an anti-bacterial effect. The addition of an ingredient like eucalyptus oil results in a fresh breath, while vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea extracts help boost the immune system.

Of course, brushing your pet’s teeth remains the number 1 dental care measure to prevent plaque and tartar formation.

Examples of dental diets are:

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