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Medical Pet Shirt

Is your pet tired of the highly uncomfortable standard collar? Has your pet just undergone surgery and in need of post-operative protective clothing?

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If so, then perhaps a Medical Pet Shirt is what you’re looking for. A Medical Pet Shirt (MPS in short) is suitable for both cats and dogs and is the answer to many issues that occur in canines and felines. Try out the Medical Pet Shirt Dog or the Medical Pet Shirt Cat at Vetsend.

Medical Pet Shirt Advantages

What sets the Medical Pet Shirt apart is the comfort it brings your pet. Not only can your cat or dog move freely, but the shirt also helps keep your animal warm. This is especially important following operations where the animal needs to retain body heat. Medical reasons are the leading cause these shirts were developed. These dog t shirts prevent your pet from easily touching, scratching or biting the operated area allowing healing to occur without disturbances.

Colour and design

The interior of the shirt is light blue in colour, which enables you to observe any fluid that may be discharged from the wound. If you do observe any leakage, you’ll be happy to know that the dog surgical suit comes fitted with inside pockets where you can insert a panty liner or a pad. If the wound needs to be kept cool, an ice pack can be inserted into the pockets to reduce inflammation. If an IV-line is required, the line may be inserted through the blind buttonhole (located between the shoulders) without having to remove the shirt. For cats, skin diseases are an eternal bane, and the one thing cats want to do in these situations is lick themselves. Fortunately, with the help of a Medical Pet Shirt Cat your cat won’t be able to reach the diseased area.

Key Features

The medical pet shirt has numerous key features, such as:

  • Machine washable at 30°Celsius, you won’t have any difficulty keeping this Medical Pet Shirt clean, which also makes it reusable.
  • The Medical Pet Shirt is also made from a breathable material consisting of a cotton and lycra blend.
  • The four-way stretch material is both comfortable and fits snugly without being too tight, just what your pet needs.
  • Added bonus: the shirt considerably reduces the chances of your pet having an ‘accident’ on your carpets.

How to use the Medical Shirt

The product is easy to remove and fit thanks to the open-ended design. You don’t have to worry about wrestling your pet into this shirt. For small pets, insert the head first and then the front legs in the designated openings. For larger pets, insert the front legs into the dog boots first and then the head last. Once secured, pull the shirt back and ensure that it fits snugly over your pet. In the event that you would like to take your pet for a walk, you don’t need to remove the shirt in order to do so. There is a Velcro patch located on the tail-end of the shirt which allows easy fastening of a leash.Secure the shirt using the two straps on the belly side. Allow enough room for free unobstructed movement. For added security, you can secure the press studs. Should your cat need to relieve itself in the litter tray it will be able to do so with the shirt on.

Product Range

The Medical Pet Shirt is available in three different colours – with each colour denoting which animal the shirt is for. The Medical Pet shirt for dogs are blue, and the Medical Pet shirts for cats are red. The green shirts are uniquely manufactured for rabbits. The shirts may also be purchased in different shapes and sizes.