Fish4Cats is a product range of the British company Fish4Dogs. They believe in the power of fish. One of the reasons for this strong belief is that fish is naturally rich in Omega 3 and contains easily digestible proteins. Fish4Cats' products are sustainably produced in Norway, where the fish is also caught. The fish used is a sustainable product. People normally only consume 50% of a complete fish - usually the fillet - while the other 50% is perfectly edible. In terms of sustainability, Fish4Cats considers this to be a major waste of the fish. Fish4Cats uses a sustainable production method, which minimizes the waste of this natural food source. There are different types of wet and dry food available from this brand. These diets are all grain-free and contain no added sugars, preservatives or colourings.

Where does the fish come from?

Fish4Cats' fish comes from small sustainable farms along the Norwegian coast. These Norwegian waters are crystal clear, cold, clean and therefore an ideal habitat for fish. Norway is one of the best fish farms in the world. Partly due to the following points:

  • No hormones or antibiotics are used for raising the fish
  • Small-scale businesses through a licensing system
  • Strict rules ensure that the quality of the seabed is constantly tested. If the quality of the seabed deteriorates significantly, fishing is stopped until the seabed has recovered.

Power of fish

The Fish4Cats fish has been processed into a delicious wet food full of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are easily digestible proteins which are good for your cat's muscles, bones and fur. These are perfect nutrients for cats, but also for cats with a sensitive stomach or older cats. Fish4Cats diets can also be served as a treat. A popular product of Fish4Cats is the Fish4Cats Finest Wet Food. This tasty wet food comes in tins of 70 grams. This product is available in 10 different flavours such as crab and anchovy. This way, you will always have a varied meal for your furry friend. Wet food is always easy to combine with dry food. Vetsend offers Fish4Cats Finest Dry Food, which are delicious chunks with a high percentage of fish in the flavours salmon, mackerel or sardine. Your cat will be totally thrilled by this protein-rich taste explosion!

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