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Gritty Clumping Cat Litter

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    Gritty Clumping Cat Litter

    Say hello to the ultimate cat litter experience. Our soft & clumping litter is specifically developed to be exceptionally absorbent. It effortlessly forms clumps upon liquid contact while remaining soft on the kitty’s paws. But that is not all! Due to the odour control, unpleasant smells are effectively minimised and eliminated, creating a consistently fresh and inviting environment. It is also perfume-free, which means no unnatural scents have been added. Our cat litter is longer-lasting and made of 100% natural clay, which not only makes it more environmentally friendly but also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. And with our dust-free cat litter, hardly any dust is formed, keeping your house clean and tidy!


    • Soft & clumping cat litter
    • Exceptionally absorbent
    • Odour control
    • Perfume free and without artificial scent
    • Made of 100% natural clay
    • Dust-free cat litter


    Fill the cat litter tray with approximately 7 cm of litter. To ensure cleanliness, scoop out the clumps at least once a day. For optimal hygiene, completely refresh the litter every 4 days. When switching to a new litter type, gradually mix it with the existing litter initially. Remember to create a private space for your cat by situating the litter tray in a quiet spot. For multi-cat households, multiple litter trays ensure convenience and comfort for each feline friend.


    20 litre


    100% bentonite, extra-dried

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Gritty Clumping Cat Litter reviews
  • Fine cat litter
    By Sara, Wednesday 24 April 2024

    Recently switched to this cat litter and have been positively surprised! Absorbs well and easy to scoop out. Good value for money.