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Poop Bags & Holders

The Vetsend range includes numerous types of poop bags to make cleaning up after your dog a little easier! This page also includes our range of poop bag holders and dispensers as well as waste scoopers. The waste scooper by Pawise even offers a hygienic way of cleaning up after your dog by combining the function of the scooper with that of a poop bag, ensuring that it is cleaned up in one easy motion.

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Dog Poop Bags

We offer a wide variety of different poop bags. You might want to try the Earth Rated Poop Bags. These bags are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. You’ll also find perfumed bags with a lavender scent. These make cleaning up your dog’s poop a bit more pleasant. Would you rather like poop bags in different colours? Try out these Pawise Poopbags

Poopbag holders

When you are out walking with your dog, you need to have poop bags on hand. Instead of carrying them around in your pocket, we offer easy to use poopbag holders that don’t take up much space, or ones you can hang on your lead. The United Pets Bon Ton Classic Poopbags comes in multiple bright colours, and you can hang the holder on your trousers or lead. lief! Boys Poop Bag Dispenser offers poop bag dispensers made of fabric, which includes a zipper. There is plenty of choice!

Dog Scoopers

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys cleaning up their dog’s poop. However, it is possible to make it easier. Here at Vetsend, we sell Dog Scoopers. With these scoopers, you can clean up after your dog without having to bend over or touch the poop. Have a look at the Nobby Poop Grabber , which makes it easy and quick to pick up your dog’s poop.