> All Active Vetsend Promotional Codes

All Active Vetsend Promotional Codes

All Active Vetsend Promotional Codes

Weekly Promotions

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> Save 5% on all litter boxes and cat litter!

It can be quite difficult to find a good litter box for your feline buddy. After all, there are many things to consider before getting a litter box. Some cats like to be in a closed-off space while others like to keep their eye on their surroundings. The size of the box also needs to match the size of your cat – bigger cat breeds obviously need more space than small cat breeds. Of course, the litter box needs to fit into your home and interior as well.

Cat litter is just as important. Clean the litter box daily and change the litter at least once a week to keep your cat happy.

At Vetsend you can find a wide variety of litter boxes and cat litter. This week, you can profit from a 5% discount on all litter boxes and cat litter.

Promotional code: CATLITTER3920 (valid until Sunday, 27 September 2020)

More Promotions

Besides our weekly promotions, Vetsend also has even more discounts! Below, you will find any and all other active promotional codes. For more offers, you can take a look at our Sales page.

We publish all of our promotional codes because we value transparency. There are many fake or expired promotional codes out there, which we do not think is fair. By publishing our active promotional codes we aim to provide clarity and avoid disappointment. Vetsend promotional codes are applicable to a product, a category or a brand. By applying the promotional code during the order process, you will receive a temporary discount on the price of the product. Based on the type of promotion, the promotional code offers savings of either a fixed amount, a percentage of the price of the product or a percentage of the total costs. Click here for the terms & conditions that apply to the use of promotional codes.

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