Pain & Inflammation in Horses


An inflammation is a series of complex reactions as a result of tissue damage in the body and can be classified as an acute or chronic inflammation. Symptoms of an acute inflammation include redness, swelling, pain, heat and immobility (loss of function). Inflammation can occur anywhere in the body, from the limbs to organs.

Inflammation in the limbs can occur as a result of overburdening, spraining, laminitis or osteoarthritis. This type of inflammation does not include an infection. The inflammatory process involves the removal of damaged tissue from the affected area. However, in some instances this inflammatory process could become over-active and start removing healthy tissue. To help treat inflammation, it is very important that the area be cooled, possibly by using a localised ointment, and rested.


An infection occurs when a virus, bacteria or other foreign body is involved in the inflammation, as might occur with wounds. It is important that treatment focuses on both the infection and the inflammation. This can be done with medication, however, it is very important to ensure the immune system does not become compromised by the use of this medication.


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