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Your pet is your best friend - this is why you want the best for your loyal companion. Vetsend is your favourite online pet shop in the United Kingdom with a large selection in pet supplies. As an animal lover, you will find everything you are looking for. Choose from our selection of 500 high quality brands, such as pet toys from KONG or Nina Ottosson, Royal Canin dog food and protective suits from Medical Pet Shirt.

Online pet pharmacy

Vetsend is a trustworthy online pet pharmacy that offers pet medications, diet food and food supplements. Are you looking for calming products that could help your pet during stressful events such as Bonfire Night or when moving house? Pheromone diffusers from Feliway or Adaptil could help your four-legged friend be more calm and reduce tension and stress. Vetsend also offers a wide range in medicines and supplements for dogs and cats, such as medicines for bladder and kidney problems, obesity in dogs and cats or supplements for the gastrointestinal system.

Buy your pet food online

Are you looking for the best dog food or cat food online? Our dog food and cat food section has everything that a pet owner can wish for. Our range consists of special diet food, wellness food, organic food, maintenance food and different kind of treats from all the big brands. Think of Virbac dog food for neutered dogs or Eukanuba dog food for sensitive digestive systems, or improve your dog's skin condition and joint mobility with Fish4Dogs.

In addition to pet food, the well-being and happiness of your pet is also important to us. In our online shop you will find a wide range of pet supplies such as dog beds and cat beds, dog harnesses and cat litter trays. But do not forget to take care of your furry friend! Every owner loves a properly groomed pet and this is why we have plenty of dog grooming products, such as premium dog combs developed by FURminator.

Free advice from our veterinarian

Because we care about the health of your pet, we offer free advice from one of our in-house veterinarians. Do you have a medical question regarding your pet? Then do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. In addition, our two veterinarians also regularly write articles about common pet issues that could help you and your loyal companion with common issues. For more information about different dog breeds, please visit the dog breeds page. With many different dog breeds in different shapes and sizes it can be very difficult to choose the dog that suits you best.

Order swiftly and securely at Vetsend

You can be assured that placing an order at Vetsend is done securely and transparent. All and any information provided and exchanged is sent via a secure connection, and all online payments are made using a 3D Secure Technology. Furthermore, Vetsend is affiliated with Trustpilot and has over 1,000 reviews from customers rating our website, service and shopping experience.

Veterinary Tips and Advice
Acorns are toxic to your dog. Please beware during forest walks!

Acorns are toxic to your dog. Please beware during forest walks!

Autumn has started and acorns are falling off the trees in bunches. Plenty of dogs enjoy playing with these nuts and even try to eat them. Please beware, because acorns are toxic!

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Firework training

Firework training

For many dogs, New Year's Eve or Bonfire Night are no fun. Sudden flashes in all kinds of colours, crackling noise, hissing, whistling and lots of loud bangs can be very scary. It is understandable that many dogs don't know what to do with themselves! This article will...

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