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Fish4Dogs for your four-legged friends

Fish4Dogs develops high quality fish food for adult dogs and Fish4Dogs puppy food, with the mission to provide a balanced and flavourful fish meal for your furry friend. Fish for dogs is a natural diet packed with Omega 3 which is gluten free and hypoallergenic. This fish-rich diet is not only nutritious and palatable but can also help improve digestion, skin condition, and joint mobility as well as eye and brain development. Explore the full range of dry dog food including their award winning Sea jerky delights. To start off, try a sample pack and watch your pet woof it down. With positive reviews from animal lovers all over the world, Fish4Dogs has emerged as a popular choice of fish food for pets.

Where does Fish4Dogs’ fish come from?

Fish4Dogs gets its fish from small farms spread along the Norwegian coast. These waters are clear, cold and clean; the ideal environment for fish farming. Norwegian fish farming is one of the best in the world, thanks in part to the following factors:

  • No hormones or antibiotics may be used for fish growth
  • The companies remain small-scale through a permit system.
  • Strict rules ensure that the quality of the seafloor is constantly tested. If the quality of the seabed deteriorates too much, fishing is halted until the seabed is restored.

Why does Fish4Dogs use farmed fish?

There can be no denying that there is a controversy over the merits of fish farming. There are known cases of bad practices. Fortunately, this is not the case everywhere. Norway is known as one of the best fish farming cultures in the world. The reason for this is that there is a high degree of regulation and control by the government. Norway is a prosperous country that takes the protection of its land very seriously. For example, a great deal of money from the state treasury is spent on nature conservation. For this reason, Norway is also pleased that the government exercises control over fish farming. These inspections result in a small scale and high quality. Only the best farms remain because of the constant checks by the government.

High quality Ingredients

Fish4Dogs knows that your pets deserves to get the best. They’ve done constant research to ensure that high quality and premium marine-based proteins are used in the diet for your pooch. Fish4Dogs Finest Salmon uses Norwegian farmed salmon because the clean waters and well regulated fisheries industry ensure premium quality fish with proven sustainability practices. The company strives to protect the environment by propagating farmed fish and preventing over fishing. The ultimate goal is to provide the right protein and nutrition to your pets. Complex carbohydrates are sourced from sweet potato and pea as they have a low level of intolerance. The Fish4Dogs Superior Brand super foods contain two natural ingredients, krill and green-lipped mussel extract, fresh from the sea. Premium ingredients are blended together to provide nutritious and palatable puppy food.

Complete Fish4Dogs Wet Food

If your furry friend likes wet food that contains fish then look no further than Fish4Dogs Wet Complete meals. The Finest Wet Complete range of food for your dog is made with two main ingredients, fish and potatoes. This tinned food is available in two delicious flavours, mackerel and herring. Pets will love the grain free food that does not contain any preservatives or artificial colour. The wet food is tasty and complete on its own or use it as a topper to enhance the taste of other dry food. Shop for this complete food with high quality ingredients and keep your dog happy and healthy.


Sea Jerky Treats

Voted as the best treat by the fans of “Your Dog Magazine”, the Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky is a treat made from baked fish skins. These healthy Fish4Dogs treats are low in calories while packed with vitamins and healthy nutrients to keep your dog fit and happy. Layers of dried fish skin are pressed to make a Sea Jerky snack. The rough texture of these treats helps in removing tartar from the dog’s teeth and contributes to easy dental care. The Sea Jerky treats are available in various forms including Tiddlers, Squares, Skinny Strips, Fish Knots, Whoppers, Fish Bones, Fish Twists, and more. Use these treats as a reward to train your pet or just to pamper them with healthy snacks.

Order Fish4Dogs at Vetsend

Order fish food for dogs from Fish4Dogs, the renowned British company that makes use of the healthy benefits of fish, including Omega 3 and other easily digestible proteins. The range consists of tasty snacks and complete foods. These grain-free treats are free from added sugars, artificial colourings or preservatives. Your pet will absolutely love these great choices and you wouldn’t think of feeding them anything else.