Almo Nature Cat Litter

Almo Nature Cat Litter

The litter from Almo Nature is a natural cat litter made from vegetable fibres. These fibres are natural and biodegradable. The starch in these fibres produces clumps quickly and the enzymes ensure that odours are neutralised.

Almo Nature Cat Litter - 2.27kg
  • Almo Nature Cat Litter - 2.27kg


  • 5x Almo Nature Cat Litter - 2.27kg


  • Almo Nature Cat Litter - 4.54kg


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Product Description

Almo Nature Cat Litter

The litter tray filling from Almo Nature is a cat litter based on natural ingredients with vegetable fibres. These fibres contain enzymes and starch that ensure that clumps are quickly products and that bad odours are neutralised. This reduces mess and keeps the litter tray clean. The clumps ensure that only the top layer needs to be removed when cleaning the tray. This also removes the risks of a clogged cat toilet, as the clumps dissolve when they come into contact with water. Aside from the above benefits, there are also economic advantages to this litter. Creating a base layer of litter (2cm) only takes half of contents of the bag of Almo Nature. As soon as the base layer is made, the weekly use is estimated at approximately 500 grams.


  • All natural-based ingredients
  • Clumps dissolve after contact with water
  • Little litter tray filling needed for base layer
  • Low consumption


2.27kg or 4.54kg

Product ID: 5775
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Great product
By , 24 July 2020

Nice and soft for their paws, great clumping, easy to clean and controls odours. Doesn’t seem to go everywhere like other stuff, low dust production and easily get a month from a bag with two cats

Best cat litter ever
By , 05 June 2020

I have tried a range of different cat litters, this is the best I've found. It's slightly more expensive than some, but it's real value for money, a little goes a long way. It doesn't smell, even after my cat has used it. It doesn't tread through the house, and because it's biodegradable it can be composted or flushed down the toilet, which is particularly handy if you live at the top of a tenement block. I'm sticking with this one, it's brilliant.

By , 05 June 2020

After using most clumping litter this is my cats favourite, and mine. It’s more expensive than most but absolutely worth it. Nothing is wasted or smells so bad have to change it all. Tracks a little but worth every penny.

By , 17 May 2020

Speedy delivery (despite Covid-19 restrictions), Almo cat litter great product. Soft on their feet and clumps well

Best cat litter ever!
By , 22 April 2020

I'm astonished. This litter is so effective:- super-absorbent, easy to scoop out of the trays and extremely economical, plus it's harmless for the cats.

Very good.
By , 17 August 2019

Excellent. Best cat litter, I’ve ever tried. It’s very easy to use, than the other ones.

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