Injuries & First Aid for Horses


The chance that your horse will suffer a muscle, joint or tendon injury, at some point in their lives is quite high. It is important that you, as the owner, act quickly if this happens. In the case of a sudden injury, such as a sprain, contusion, strain or tendonitis, cells become damaged. The acute (severe, but of short duration) phase of the injury lasts for as long as the affected area is warm. You can use Vertargil (green clay) on minor muscle and tendon injuries. To help treat minor muscle, tendon or joint injuries or whilst waiting for the veterinarian to arrive, in the case of more pressing injuries, Vetsend offer bandage material by Gamgee and Powerflex and other first aid products.

Applying a Bandage

A bandage should be wrapped around the affected area tightly and fastened securely. It might be necessary to wrap some additional bandage around it to protect it from being chewed by the horse.


It is easy for a horse to injure their head or legs. You can easily treat small wounds by disinfecting the affected area and treating the wound with a suitable ointment. Vetsend offer an extensive range of products that can be used in this case, such as Dettol and betadine, and Vetramil, Dermiel or L Mesitran, respectively. The latter can be used on new or old wounds and help prevent the overproduction of scar tissue.

It is advisable to contact your veterinarian if you have any doubts or questions about your horse's injury.

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