Diet Dog Food

Diet food

A nutritious, balanced diet is important for your dog's health and fitness. Many dogs obtain sufficient nutrients from maintenance food, however, there are some that need a special diet food, such as dogs with joint, skin, gastrointestinal, kidney, bladder or obesity problems. A diet food for these dogs has many advantages as they provide support for the aforementioned health issues. Browse our extensive range of diet food for dogs online and check out popular brands such as Fish4Dogs and Farm Food.

Excess weight

For pets, excess weight can be as damaging as it can be for humans. It increases the chance of getting diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory problems and osteoarthritis. Dogs with excess weight can benefit from special diet food. Read all about excess weight in dogs in the articles written by our in-house veterinarian and receive free veterinary advice.


Food allergies in cats and dogs seem to occur increasingly often. For pets with food allergies, Vetsend offers an extended range in diet food. This food generally contains only one source of unique protein. An example of a popular brand that offers these types of diets is TROVET.

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