OrganicVet develops quality food for the health of your animal. For millions of years nature has given us everything we need for a healthy and long life. With the help of nature, OrganicVet has created a range of high quality food which contributes to the health of your beloved pet. OrganicVet pet food supports your dog or cat in case of health issues and helps by preventing these problems to occur. OrganicVet's food contains everything your pet needs for a healthy and balanced diet!

For OrganicVet, the quality and processing of the ingredients are particularly important. OrganicVet places a lot of emphasis on the origin of the ingredients; this means only carefully selected ingredients of natural origin are used, such as brown rice. All animal proteins used in your pet's food, such as duck or beef, are produced in Germany. All ingredients are processed extremely gently, so that important vitamins, minerals and flavour are preserved. Did you know that OrganicVet also offers organic products for your dog or cat? Have a look at the OrganicVet Dog BioVet - Mix for your dog or the OrganicVet Cat BioVet - Mix for your cat.

How is OrganicVet made?

OrganicVet food is a high quality food for your beloved pet. Below you can read why you should choose OrganicVet for your dog or cat.

  • OrganicVet provides for the natural needs of your dog or cat
  • All food is developed and produced in Germany
  • The OrganicVet team consists of specialists in the field of animal welfare and health nutrition, including nutritionists, veterinarians and pharmacists
  • Fresh ingredients that meet current food criteria are used
  • All raw ingredients undergo a rigorous veterinary inspection
  • No artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings are used in OrganicVet's food
  • The food is processed in a gentle way, so that the healthy properties of the ingredients are fully preserved
  • The food has a high acceptability and palatability
  • OrganicVet is produced in an environmentally friendly way
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