Veterinary Tips and Advice

Our resident veterinarian writes a weekly article containing background information, tips and advice on medical conditions and other common pet issues. Please find a collection of the published articles below. The collection is continuously updated to ensure an extensive range of background information that can be consulted whenever necessary.

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Dog pregnancy

A bitch will come into heat an average of twice per year. In this article, we will discuss the entire process from fertility until giving birth and will give you tips on how to help your dog.

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Pets make you happy

Did you already know that having a pet not only makes you happier, but makes you live longer as well? Alongside the fact that it is very pleasant to take care of your pet, it also leads to positive effects on your mental and physical health.

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What is toxic for your pet?

Pets can be poisoned when they eat or drink something that isn't meant for them. Products that are toxic for pets include food products but also certain medicines or plants and flowers. The overview below lists the products that can poison your...

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Food allergies in cats and dogs

Pet owners are increasingly often coming to us with dogs or cats with supposed food allergies. However, the diagnosis is often made without enough research. Scientific research has shown that for every one hundred cases of skin problems, only...

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