Veterinary Tips and Advice

Our resident veterinarian writes a weekly article containing background information, tips and advice on medical conditions and other common pet issues. Please find a collection of the published articles below. The collection is continuously updated to ensure an extensive range of background information that can be consulted whenever necessary.

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Washing your horse

If your horse is dirty or very hot, it is a good idea to wash your horse. There’s a number of things you need to consider, for both your safety and the health of the horse. It’s also important that your horse gas a positive experience when...

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Pain relief for dogs

Dogs can be in pain just like humans. Pain can have various causes. This also means that there are different ways in which you can treat pain. It is wise to go to your vet first to have an assessment of what exactly is going on. Do not get...

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Ticks in dogs

Ticks are arachnid critters that temporarily feed on blood and can therefore spend long periods of time on your dog. They attach themselves to the skin and this is not always without consequences. How can you recognize ticks in your animal,...

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Ticks in cats

Ticks are parasites that attach themselves to your cat to drink its blood. Unfortunately, this is not always without consequences. What does a tick look like, what are the risks and what should you do to remove and prevent them? You can read...

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